Private Ballet Lessons In-Person And Virtually

Take your performance to the next level:

1) Land your dream job

2) Elevate your performance skills for competitions

3) Get ready for Summer Intensives

4) Expand your ballet repertoire

5) Learn to navigate the competitive world of dance

With Elina’s 15-year professional experience in New York City and globally she can help you get closer to your big goals. In addition to helping you achieve a flawless technique she’ll introduce you to the ins-and-outs of navigating the ballet world for the ultimate success as a dancer. Learning about the mindset and the industry’s standards and protocols is crucial in this day’s competitive world.

These are the unique aspects that a dancer will only experience when living and breathing in the world of it. Having danced with ABT for years and performed internationally Elina has seen it all.

Too often young dancers are thrown into the professional world without being prepared mentally for it. Elina will be happy to share these insights to help you have a jumpstart early in your career.

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