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Founded by a former ballerina of American Ballet Theatre, Elina Miettinen. Elina provides one-on-one ballet lessons in New York City and New Jersey.

Elina’s students range from kids to adults, from beginners to pre-professionals. Her students have won awards in competitions like YAGP, RADIX and NUVO. Elina’s adult students have gone from being total beginners to knowing the tehnique inside and out.

Is private training for you?

The fastest way to learn and improve is through private training. There is no better way to work on your technique than with a private coach. You will get undivided attention and begin seeing results in no time.

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Training dancers of all levels



1) Beginners

Learn the basics of ballet and the correct execution of each step.

2) Intermediate students

We will build on what you’ve already learned, clean and correct any bad habits that might be holding you back.

3) Advanced students

We will focus on taking your technique to the next level.

4) Pre-professionals

Extensive focus on audition/competition prep + help with navigating the competitive world of dance.

Strength building

Muscle strength is one of the essential elements for dancers. You will have an opportunity to learn important exercises to support your technique and avoid injuries.

Elina has dealt with many injuries in her ballet career. She has worked with personal trainers and physical therapists, and has an extensive knowledge of how to keep the body healthy while dancing and navigating a busy lifestyle.



Learn effective stretches to compliment your technique:

1) Get your leg extensitions higher and lift more effortlessly

2) Increase turnout

3) Get into splits easily

4) Higher arabesques

5) Increase ankle flexibility for pointe

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