If you are a performer in theatre or film/TV world and are looking to expand as an artist, studying ballet is a great way to make yourself a more versatile performer.

Not only will you be more aware of your body and your movements, but ballet exercises are also very effective for staying in shape and for toning your instrument. When you feel and look good, it will boost your overall confidence, help you book and elevate your work.

Why Work With Elina?

Elina has worked as a professional ballet dancer for almost two decades, performing globally with the world renown American Ballet Theatre and Finnish National Ballet. In the past few years Elina tapped into the entertainment industry and has since worked on commercials, independent films and TV shows like ‘The Big Leap” (FOX) and Law and Order (NBC). She has also choreographed ballet sequences for films and music videos.

The type of performing artists and athletes Elina has worked with are: actors, dancers, singers, figure skaters, gymnasts and pageant queens.

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