NYC Ballet Coach Private Dance Lessons

One-on-one lessons are altered to your needs and goals. Elina has performed internationally as well as coached students of all levels and ages nationwide.

Elina’s private ballet lessons are focused not only on the technique but also on the presentation and performance quality. Depending on your goals Elina will plan your sessions accordingly. The areas that you can focus on are: barre and center exercises, basic ballet technique, variation coaching, audition or competition prep, strength and endurance building for injury prevention, turns, jumps etc.

We have different pricing options at different locations. Please take a closer look in the menu above or inquire below.

Elina works with children of different ages. Regardless of the level, your child will greatly benefit from private ballet training and will get undivided attention that is not possible to get in a group class. To inquire about a ballet lesson in NYC or NJ, please click below.

NYC Ballet Coach Private Dance Lessons
NYC Ballet Coach Private Dance Lessons
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